Product Description

Digital communication using Yaesu (C4FM (Quaternary FSK) system)
Equipped with AMS (Automatic Mode Select) Function, DG-ID (Digital Group ID) feature, and the Group Monitor (GM) feature enable automatically locating, and communicating with other stations within contact range, that have the matching DG-ID number, (Group ID number from 00 to 99).

Supports all WIRES-X operations excluding PDN or Node Functions.

Equipped with GM function and Digital Personal ID (DP-ID) feature

Wide range reception (108MHz to 579.995MHz)

Rugged Design to IP54, which protects the transceiver from dust and Water splashes

Large-capacity 1015 memory channels with memory tags comprised of up to 16 alpha/numeric characters.

Convenient reception of preset receiver memory channels

A wide variety of scan features

A variety of individual Selective Calling functions (Tone Squelch (CTCSS) and DCS etc.

Simple high brightness LED light function and Battery save function extends operating time